The Adventures of Stephanie



Cheese at the market in Leiden

 Oh look!  A street name after me in Brussels, Belgium!

Brussels, Belgium


Enjoying a stroopwafel at the Saturday market in Leiden.

Pedro, Sarah, Maya, and me (left to right)

Mattia's birthday in the park.

Maya and I enjoying stroopwafels at the Wednesday market during our lunch break.

North Sea coast.  Picture taken after 10pm on the first day of summer and longest of the year.

Hipsters Dance Party in Amsterdam

SURPRISE!  Congrats party for Tiffany for completing her Masters!


Museon archives in the Hague.

4th of July in Leiden.

Bitoque, typical Portuguese dish.

Preparing to head out for karaoke.

Flowers at the market in Leiden


Pastries in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium


Amsterdam (I'm in the white 'a')

bike racks outside of Leiden Centraal

Students from the Levitas (the kayak and canoe club)

Sunset over the sea.

North Sea coast.

Me, Maya and Carla at ParkPop

Museumnacht - Museum Night at the Hortus Botanicus.


Museon archive in the Hague.  They have 80,000 bugs!

4th of July in Leiden.

Group at Portuguese dinner night at Marissa's.

Karaoke night at Vikings.  Karen, Marissa and I are singing N*SYNC.

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