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For the summer of 2011, I am very fortunate to have traveled all over the world.  (Nearly literally - 2.1 times around the Earth in flight travel over about a year!)  On this page you can follow my blog and adventures.

From May to the end of July 2011, I traveled to Leiden University, in Leiden, Netherlands to work with Universe Awareness.

From there, until the end of September I was in Paris, working with the International Astronautical Federation, preparing for the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2011.

Departing from Paris, I ventured to Cape Town, South Africa for the IAC 2011 and couldn't have had a more exciting time over the two weeks.

... then I needed to get back to school!  I'm currently interning at NASA Ames through the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium for the Spring semester.  On this site I've also posted other information about myself, my studies and other things that I think you may find interesting.

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United States Botanical Garden, Washington, D.C.

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