Last night, we met up with Fabian (from the kayak club) and some of his friends to Odessa, a place in town.  Turns out one of his friends has a brother who goes to Hamline - as in Minnesota.  So crazy.  Then he said that when he went to visit, they went on a road trip to none other than Fargo with a stop a Paul Bunyan land.  Who does that?!  

Today, Saturday, Sarah and I went to the market and I got a stroopwafel.  So good.  I'm a loyal customer and won't go to any other cart!  We stopped at this little place that has baked potatoes and then you can get pretty much whatever you can think of on it.  It was super good - I love potatoes!  As we were walking through town, we saw these guys.  "Walk on Water".  It looked like a lot of fun but there was a bit of a line and seemed to be much more for the little kids.


I came home to watch the royal wedding in Monaco (yesterday was the civil ceremony).  I'm going to be the second princess Stephanie of Monaco if you didn't already know. :)  

For the rest of the day I've just been catching up on different things.