Chief Bill came in the office today and posted signs on the doors that say:
Día de habla española
el jueves es día habla sólo español.
No entre a menos que Ud. habla español.
(Me alegro de que no soy Eric y Austin)
Esta es un orrder de la gestión.

This is very funny, and very unfortunate for the two guys who do not speak Spanish.  It has a few grammatical errors but awesome none the less.

Flat tires are also very unfortunate.  My tire is not only flat, but basically burst, therefore it is not even merely ridable and I had to walk my bike a little over a half mile this morning to get to work.  I thought I could at least make it to the office but it just wasn't happening.  Here I was making fun of Eric for having a flat - karma stinks!  Some people that were walking this morning said "Hello, how are you?"  I was thinking in my head, it's obvious I have a flat so if you want to laugh go ahead and of course they did.  Oh well!  Brandon fortunately was kind enough to help me and fixed it so I didn't have to walk back to the Lodge.