Last night a group from the Uni went out for drinks which was nice.  It has finally stopped raining too! (but I don't want to jinx it...)

My last day at work at the Uni is today, Tuesday.  Another very sad day.  It was also my last lunch at the canteen with everyone.  Here, I can carry around my Nutella jar and a loaf of bread and make a sandwich at the table, and there is about an 80% chance that someone at the table on both sides of me is doing the same - if not with Nutella, with sprinkles.  Needless to say, I can fit in pretty easy and won't be able to do that at home!  

Today we had a meeting too for the UNAWE team.  I got to talk about my balloon project, which was very exciting as I always love the opportunity to talk when someone gives it to me - especially about such a project!  We also talked about the grant and possibility of a US UNAWE program.  I think it has great potential.