There's this bakery just one block from where I work.  They have the best chocolate croissants that I've had since here.  I love their stuff so much I try to get Pif to go get me one if I give him money (and for something for himself) so I wouldn't have to be in the bakery for the second (third) time in one day.  His response is - "Pretend it's for colleagues!"  It's the same lady, and I'm pretty sure when I walk in with exact change she knows it's mine...  Anyways - just to share with you the flaky goodness! 

There's this thing is Paris where people put their furniture that they don't want out on the side of the street.  Apparently, I've heard, depending on which 'district' of Paris you live in, there's a certain day of the week that's typical to do it.  By the end of the day, these sometimes heaping piles, are all gone.  Last Friday, two ladies from work picked up a pair of chairs (and they were actually really nice and nearly new).   

That was a side note, but on Saturday, Guergana and I went to the Paris Puces, which is a famous antique flea market.  It was so cool!  I love brooches too - my mom, sister and myself all wear them, and there were some that were so cool at the market!

After the market, we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  If this day hadn't started 'touristy', the whole weekend turned into a crazy 'last-weekend-in-Paris-go-crazy-tourist' very, very fast.

This little girl was so cute and kept on making her parents pose for pictures.

Behind me is where the bridge that Inception was filmed on and at the very end of the long 'island' in the middle of the Seine River is where the 'small' Statue of Liberty' is located.

This just looks like a really really awful puzzle.

Guergana and I at the top of the top!


Then came Sunday... This tourist day was a trip to Versailles. 
 Ready for my day at Versailles!  I've got my ticket and my Nutella to go!  (Though of course my Nutella ran out before the bread sticks!) 


Hall of Mirrors.

The door in the background to the left of me is where Marie Antoinette secretly ran to Louis' room when the palace was being taken over.

Sequoia planted in 1876!

A beautiful sunset to end the day at Versailles!