Oh my gosh! The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is coming to Amsterdam!!!! I want to go so bad!  Do the safety dance!

Free coffee galore!  It's crazy how many coffee breaks we take here throughout the day.  Every day at about 10:30-11:30, there is, I guess you could say, 'the' coffee break in the main lounge of the department.  One of the cool things is that every, EVERY, Thursday, the coffee is free.  I've heard that they do this to promote interaction between the department; it has indeed been a great way to meet other students and faculty in the department.  Just a disclaimer though, here, the coffee is out of a little vending machine of sorts, so it's only .20 euros and pretty bad, but coffee nonetheless and I have no objections to such events at all!

Today I've started to work on my first Spanish translation - super exciting!  Finally get to use that!  I've also begun to grow a small list of conferences I may be able to attend in the fall in Spain.  Super exciting too.

Maya and I were told about a colloquium talk that takes place Thursday afternoons and has cookies, tea and coffee before.  We thought it'd be something good to go to -- we got there about 10 minutes before, 5 minutes after the cookies and coffee started, and we were the ONLY people in the room.  At first I think we were both worried that it was not going to be a very interesting talk if this was what the audience looked like so far... It ended up being pretty neat - it was all about galaxies and star formations.  Sometimes the astronomy is a little out of my element, as I am truly a human exploration advocate, but from what I did understand was neat to relate to what I learned while using the 0.9 meter telescope at Kitt Peak in Arizona last October in regards to pixels and filters, etc.

This evening I needed to go to the store to get a light for my bike and knew they were cheaper at a store in the leiden centraal train station.  Since there, I decided to show you all (at least try) just how many bikes there are.  This is nothing compared to how large the bike racks go but from what you can see there are a lot - and it is hard to find an empty spot because it is ALWAYS full.  These pictures are only from one section of bike racks... There's more on the other side of the street!  Amsterdam was even more intense than this!


Tonight we are going to meet up with other folks from the University which will be fun too.  (Oh, and I have been stroopwafel free for over 24 hours! :) )