First, my apologies for skipping out on an entry yesterday, so I will start with a little recap.

... Nothing really happened... Just kidding, but really, it was a normal work day and I spent the whole day working on going through the old Universe Awareness website content.  As my first task was to sort through all, and I mean all, pages of the old website - 463 to be exact, and then determine if it should be kept, updated, etc.  The next task is to transfer all of the information.  That is what I worked on today (Tuesday).

Sarah is here now too, a freelance science writer, and she is helping with the program and website.  She is from the UK so much English is spoken!  I am very excited because we have been given the responsibility and discretion as to what is going on the new page and writing the content.

Tomorrow there is going to be a meet-and-greet sort of event to get to know everyone working on the program (and of course have faces to go with names).  I am excited for that as well.  Today we had a quick trip over to another building where we will be working once a week - part of the biology department.  They literally have fly labs.  It's gross.  They also have murals on the walls in the hallway that consist of blown up size images of ants and other bugs - I mean so large just one from floor to ceiling.  No one should trust my maps either.  I biked over to the building (which was, I will admit, not even a quarter mile away) but somehow seemed to get in the wrong direction again.  Woops!

Another fun fact, I've decided that it is simply much safer, not just practical, to ride by bike here whenever possible.  In the round-abouts, there's separate lanes for bikes specifically, and just as there are lights for pedestrians, there are also legitimate stoplights for bikers.  Instead of a person, it's a biker figure on the light and they run separately from the cars.  Unlike in the States, there is no arm signal to determine or indicate which direction you intend to go but instead, you just point.  I've also been told that it's ok if you don't because no matter what, the biker is ALWAYS right.  If a person hits a biker, they are not looked upon well at all (obviously) but in my meaning, even if the car was correct, that's wrong - the biker is always right.  One day I missed getting into the bike lane and I couldn't just go over the curb but a friend told me that it was ok too - everyone thinks you don't know what to do if you are by the university because there are many international students.  So that's my new plan - always bike!
After working on the site, I am going to have the opportunity to work on developing a board game for children to be distributed and used in UNAWE initiatives.  I love getting to do creative things like this.  Sarah and I think it would be fun to have some sort of kids videocast with a fun character to host it, like Bill Nye or something.  We think Pedro would be a perfect person for the job, but I don't think he finds our creative ideas as much as we do.. :)

Tonight Pedro, Sarah and I met at an Indian restaurant.  It was actually really good.  Before leaving the University today, Sarah had a great idea to Google translate the entire menu because it is more likely than not that there will not be menus available in English even though pretty much everyone speaks English here.  ... Ironically, they did have English menus!  Oh well, better safe than sorry!