4th of July was a success could be an understatement.  I found sparklers so we had a great time playing with those.  We had to wait until about 11 of course to take full effect since the sun doesn't go away until after 10.

Matteo has an awesome camera and took pictures for us.  They turned out so cool!
Karimu, Irene, Marissa and Me!

Maya, Karimu, Me, Irene, and Marissa

More sparkler fun!

The potluck/picnic was great too.  Marissa made the cake and I helped her decorate the flag.  It turned out very well if I don't say so myself!

Work is still progressing the same.  I'm getting extremely excited about the potential of a US program.  

Tonight some of us are getting together for a picnic in a park.  This works out really well when everyone brings something to share because there ends up being a lot of really great food.  I only have two more weeks and two days left too.  I can probably say my sadness in leaving here is equivalent to when I found out Josh Groban was going to be in Minnesota AND Chicago when I would be here...  (this equals a HUGE deal if you don't know how much I love Josh!)