Yum!  This is a stroopwafel - it is like two wafer pancakes with syrupy stuff in the middle.  Puts that Belgian waffle to test!

This morning I ventured to the Leiden Market.  It is held every Wednesday and Saturday, but Saturday is the bigger of the two days.  It has been going on in the same location for, what I've heard, 900 years.  I knew I could get a fresh stroopwafel so of course I was there.  They fill them fresh as you order.  So good!  About the market, I don't really know what to say other than that you could buy just about anything and everything, it was almost absurd.  There were tons of flowers, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, cheese, olives, nuts, fish, meat, fabric (literally by the yard - I mean meter?), soap, bedding, I mean you name it and is was most likely there.  

I did a few loops just to observe and take everything in, but then I thought I had to get the guts up to try to buy something.  Fortunately the man who helped me knew English.  Dutch is a very hard language and I am honestly working on it.  Nonetheless I got a melon, some blueberries, strawberries and of course bananas.  I debated on going back for another stroopwafel but then I thought I should just leave it for a week until I go back.

This evening I am going to go to a pub down the street to watch the Manchester United v. Barcelona game.  Viva EspaƱa! :)


WOO HOOO!!! Somos campeones!!! :)  I just left the English Pub I went to to watch the game.  I think all the Englishmen that are in Leiden were there, so myself and the other Spanish fans were a bit outnumbered but no worries because I took no pity walking out and leaving behind a bunch of sad Englishmen!  It was great to see my favorites - and of course David Villa scored!  It was very hard to contain my excitement especially when you're in a "football" atmosphere in Europe.  A great end to the day for sure.  I also met a few people who are working on their PhD's at the hospital and medical center of Leiden University.  One was even from China and he has been here for all of his advanced studies and knows as much Dutch as myself; gave me a little hope if he's been getting by for that long!