The other day I learned something magical.  To understand, first you need to know that on French computer keyboards, the numbers are like capital letters - you have to press 'shift' then the number to have it appear.  The magic part - when you have 'caps lock' on, it also includes those top number keys so they show up!  Who knew?!  To my knowledge, I have never encountered an English keyboard that when having 'caps lock' on also includes those keys.  

Coming home today from work I just about fell out of the metro train because it was, again, so full.  Tomorrow, I MUST get a velib bike.  It's not an option anymore I've concluded.

Everything is starting to get a lot more crazier in the office with the Congress fast approaching.  Even still, I'm really enjoying my time in the office.  It's a great group of people.  They've also come up with a new name for me of 'gourmet' and other days I'm the 'gourmand', all thanks to Pif!  He's noticed that I am particularly fond of food - mostly chocolate.  We first had a little bit of difficulty in the French to English translation in literal terms, but he means that I have a 'sweet tooth'.  Tis very very true.  Though I do love peas and brussels sprouts just about as much as I love Nutella...

Tomorrow, Thursday, the Smeds Internship Program is going to take place at Carthage College.  A more general explanation of the program can be found here.  In summary, it is an opportunity for selected students to present their internship experience among distinguished guests including Mr. Smeds and President Campbell.  I have been fortunate to be nominated by my advisor, Professor Crosby, for the program.  Since I cannot be at Carthage at the moment, I have created a video that they will play in my place.  Thank you to everyone in association with the program!