I sometimes fall into the American girl stereotype, or so according to the people in the office here.  I say this because they don't want to share my rhinestones to put on your nails (I always like to have my nails done) and they've noticed that I have a liking to pink...  These people have no idea just how much pink I actually wear either.  Every time I do laundry, I typically do a load of darks, whites, brights, ....and pink. 

Have you ever talked to an Italian on the phone?  "I'm FANTASTIC!"  The lady I had to call was so kind but took me by surprise with her enthusiasm over the phone call.  It was quite the experience!

While I was talking with Mr Willekens today, the Executive Director of the IAF, he intermittently turned to Juliane and talked in French.  Even if I don't understand much French, I did come to the correct conclusion that basically, he was comparing me to other Americans and his wife - that I took too long to get to the point!  I called him out on it and they all laughed and then he continued to give me the advice that in all my future jobs to condense my words.  
My endless talking capabilities are always getting me stuck! :)  I'm just not sure I can help it!