I'm working on my Dutch slowly but surely!  It's Monday and nothing much happened today.  I think we are making some great progress in the transition to the new UNAWE website and that it will be beneficial to the users.  I'll be sure to post a link as soon as it is up and running!
Fortunately we missed the rain today too and it was only pouring while we were inside working.  Otherwise the weather has been fairly nice while I have been here.
Today I did a load of laundry too.  Mrs. Kramer showed me how to use it, but who ever truly remembers everything?  As I turned the machine on, I just hoped that I wouldn't be having soap bubbles pouring out of it.  I had enough of a task making sure I was actually buying a laundry detergent and fabric softener at the store the other day instead of two of the same - or worst case, neither.  Nearly everyone speaks English but the majority of all of the signs and writing are in Dutch.  Fortunately my laundry task was successful!

 Tomorrow we have the opportunity to watch a thesis defense of a PhD student.  That should be a good experience and I bet the student will be ecstatic when it's over!