Today I was passed on this article from a friend here.  It is truly disappointing to see this happen.  NASA, in my opinion, even if you don't want to support various projects, you must agree that it is in a way a beacon of America.  Yes, NASA has had its failures, but it is America!  
Last night I ate, and made, sushi for the first time.  It wasn't too bad either.  3 people there have spent an extended amount of time in Japan too so we definitely had some guidance!  Some people had lots of fun with the wasabi too!  After dinner we played a game that they had made up.  At a grocery store here, when you purchase a lot, you get these little packs of cards like playing or trading cards that contain information about animals.  They've collected so many cards that they've made a whole deck, and game, out of them, with their own made up rules.  It was a lot of fun.

When going home, I have had issues with the front door at the house I'm staying at before, but last night I could not get the door open for the life of me.  I thought I might be able to sneak in the back door but I had no luck either.  After practically breaking my finger, somehow not the key, I called Marissa to see if I could sleep at her place for the night because I couldn't get in.  I didn't feel it was ok to wake people up at midnight.  Thankfully Marissa let me go over there (and she only lives not even a quarter mile away so not a problem).  I'm going to have to ask Mrs. Kramer if I can have another key or something.  When I've come home before I've had to ring the bell to ask someone to come open the door for me from the inside but I just thought it was rude at midnight, and I'd be embarrassed because it would probably end up being a blonde thing.  When I've tried using the key whenever they're around, I get it the first time of course but can't seem to manage on my own!

This weekend a group of us are making a trip to Belgium to the cities Antwerp and Brugge too so I will try to post something tomorrow but then won't be able to until I return on Sunday evening (which I'm sure I will have lots to share!!)

Just over 24 hours until the shuttle launch too!!!!!!