So nothing too exciting has been happening at work recently.  Just chugging along on getting various tasks done.

Yesterday we went to the Hague to see Harry Potter in 3D.  To my surprise, it was a pretty good movie.  I guess I can't really spoil it for anyone back home (since it came out here 2 days before there) with already knowing what's happening from the book, but more so what is or isn't included in the movie to book.  The place we went to for dinner beforehand was delicious though.  Super good Italian food.  Marissa and I both have a hard time deciding what's good to get on the menu, because there's always more than one thing that sounds good, so fortunately we usually go half-sies (which works out great) and we had a super good salad and pizza.

Today, Thursday, marks one week until I return home to Minnesota.  I'm super excited to go home to see my family, but I have definitely enjoyed my time here, and besides just meeting people, I've made really great friendships in such a short time.  I do hope to see many of them again in the future.  

Today has also been, hands down, the absolute worst weather since I've been here.  It's pouring and it's windy.  This is not fun when riding your bike.  Some people have pointed out how it's the middle of July and this is by far not summer weather.  I've suffered through such before being in Minnesota, and they are from California so I think they're having a little bit harder time accepting it, but it is pretty ridiculous today.  On top of the bad weather, I have been stopping at a grocery store on my way to work to get a muffin for breakfast but for the past two day they haven't had any kinds I like left!  All the more reason to get a stroopwafel though.  The grocery store was playing Juanes, La Camisa Negra, yesterday too and today is free coffee day - so that's definitely a plus.

Olmo, who I met one of my first days here with Pedro, is helping out with UNAWE too.  He is the main 'sorter' of all things stored of UNAWE.  He found some really cool buttons (including a NASA one I am now wearing) and a picture of the STS-120 crew - with all but two of the members AUTOGRAPHED!  New joke of his - he doesn't need to toss anything out but just give it to me!

I have also decided that I am going to take the internship in Paris/Cape Town.  I am very excited about it and will plan to continue my blog during those travels.

I feel like you achieve a level of cool in the social level once you know the music of the country you're in.  Dutch rap at its best.