So it is now the middle of my first weekend in Paris.  I'm not going to lie, but this week has been a bit rough adjusting to the time so I really haven't done that much besides work (and get my bearings there), find food and sleep.  With that, I apologize to announce that my first weekend is kind of 'lame'.  I figure I have two months to explore so I'm not too worried.  The weather has been not so nice either, so good 'working weather'.  Also, I've got a lot of work to be doing for stuff back home (so that I can be here as school is starting soon).  I figure it's better to get those things out of the way and then full-fledge Paris!

With an exception, tomorrow (Sunday) is the first Sunday of the month and admission is free to many museums, including the Louvre.  As I'm on a student budget - I'm taking it.  Today I went to the Bibliotheque Publique D'Information, or the Public Library of Information.  It was insanely large, and they had wifi so I used it as a change of scenery.  It's a rather odd shaped building if you ask me, and there's a huge escalator (the tube-ish thing in the picture) that goes along the outside.  It is connected to a museum too (but that was not free entrance and I had to work).

Public Library (BPI)

The Eiffel Tower with it's normal night lights...
The Eiffel Tower wasn't far off, and since it was late, I figured I'd stop there to check it out when it is lit up at night.  I thought they were supposed to last for 10 minutes, every hour, starting at 9... it was 9:30 and still no sign.  Others seemed to be shrugging their shoulders in confusion too so I don't think I was the only one.  It was still a little light out so I can only guess that the don't start until later in the summer when it gets darker.  I'll just go back another time when I have more 'free' time and do not have things to do in the back of my head telling me they need to be done before I have any fun.  There was also a pink limo that I passed - crazy.  It was also raining too so I didn't feel like waiting any longer.  On my walk back to the station, I saw a car with - none other - than Minnesota license plates!  Who would've thought??!

I'm off to bed but I'll check in again soon!