So I have some recapping to do from Friday to today, Sunday...

Friday was a normal workday but like the free coffee days, on Friday, they have a 'borel'.  (that's probably spelt wrong).  Anyhow, it's like a sort of 'happy hour' where the whole department just gets together as a final cap to the work week.  

After work, we went to a talk by Sir Roger Penrose.  The talk was titled, "Are We Able to See Through the Big Bang, Into Another World?"


First, this guy is awesome because he used transparencies for his presentation.  He's also 79 years old.  I'll be sure to make a separate entry about his talk, but he definitely had some pretty blunt statements.  There were over 1,000 rsvp's to his talk too and as there were not enough seats, people started sitting on the steps but had to move due to 'fire hazard' and they had a live feed going on outside in the lobby.  Totally crazy!

After, Marissa, Karen, and some other students we've met invited us to go to dinner with them.  We ate at a Greek restaurant and, I haven't ever really had Greek food, but it was soooo delicious!  I didn't get this one, but yes, there are french fries in this pita.


Not the most flattering picture either, but we were all SOAKING wet from the rain.  Many people have told me that we are currently in a "dry" season here... I don't believe them, but it is apparently true.  It was quite the experience biking through the rain.  The rain stops no one here from biking.  It's crazy!

After dinner, Maya and I went home to dry off a little and then headed to a farewell party for Niruj, who left on Saturday to return to India.

Yesterday, Saturday, Maya and I headed out to meander and explore Leiden a bit.  We found a small market in a square with all of these books.  It then started raining so we went to the Pannenkoekenhuis for a pannekoeken.  Since they are so large, we split an apple and cinnamon one and it was delicious.  I wouldn't mind becoming a regular there!  We went to the market too, and I did not get a stroopwafel... I know, shocking.  We enjoyed the smell walking past the vendors though!  I think it's so cool that this market has been going on for 900 years.  


We met up with Marissa, Karen, Tiffany, Mark, Esteban, Mattia and others for the evening.  It's been really great that we've been able to hang out with them and experience the Leiden student life.  I hope to be able to return in the future to visit for sure!

Today, Sunday is Mattia's birthday so we are heading to a park for a picnic/potluck.  The sun is out today so hopefully no rain!