So this weekend has been busy but of nothing particularly crazy.  I found the Statue of Liberty!  That was a challenge because it's not really obvious.  Last week when I was with the girls from Florida and the Netherlands we were walking across the Seine and I remembered it had to be somewhere close.  Well, I found it!  It was kind of in a strange area but there really is nothing else around it attraction-wise so I guess maybe that would explain it.  It is on a platform that is in the middle of the Seine, and you go half way across a bridge and in the middle there are stairs that go down to the platform and then a path opposing its direction that goes about a quarter mile and then you have to go back up stairs to another connecting bridge.  That probably sounded really strange, but point being, it was odd to get to.  It is also kind of oddly placed.  When standing on the bridge that it is very close to (where the stairs are), you get her back facing you.  Apparently this is because they have her currently pointing West - towards the United States.  I also read that when it was first being installed, for the 'opening'/'revealing' ceremony, she was temporarily pointing East, so that people standing on the bridge would actually see her face...

You can tell me if you think that I'm crazy, but I was just walking back towards the Eiffel Tower (and my train station), and I swear that this bridge I was on was used for filming the movie Inception.  If not, it looks a whole lot like it!

For the rest of the day, since it was supposed to be raining all day (I'm not complaining!) and it wasn't, I thought that I'd take my chances and check out some of the gardens and parks.  They're free!  I tried to be fancy with some of my photo-taking skills.

I also almost got attached by pigeons too - ugh they are gross!  I just wanted to enjoy the weather, well, lack of rain!