Today Maya and I went for free coffee from the 3rd floor lounge - the best free coffee I think I've ever had.  It was a bit sketchy and I think we both felt guilty taking it.  Two other women came in the lounge and I'm pretty sure they were wondering who we were... Whoops!

Today is the official day of summer - and longest day of sunlight.  Tonight Maya's ultimate frisbee team is practicing at the beach (which is about a 45 minute bike ride) for preparation for a beach tournament they have coming up.  I am going to go with so that we will know how to get to the beach this weekend because there is a sand sculpture competition/display.  Also, since it's supposed to be light out until very late, I thought it would be cool to see the sun set over the water.

Speculoos.  It's a spread, like nutella, but apparently it's basically creamed cookies, called speculoos.  I tried finding it in the grocery store, but didn't see it.  Maybe it was a sign...

So I've written today's post in parts and I just got back from the beach.  It was quite the bike ride, not because there's hills (Netherlands is about as flat as a pancake), but because of the wind (they are the land of windmills).  Nevertheless, it was fun.  It was super windy which made it very difficult to throw the frisbee.  I was very happy to just be at the beach tough.  There were so many shells, kite surfers, wind surfers and kayakers.  There was a kayaker that was wearing a GoPro Helmet camera - they're haunting me!  If you're ever hunting in the woods north of Milwaukee and find a camera, please return it to me - it fell off of a balloon payload. :)

We only stayed until a little after 10.  It was still very light out (even as we were done eating ice cream) but the clouds had come in so there wasn't a way to see the eclipse anymore.  It would have been pretty neat to see it over the ocean, but I guess our atmosphere had other plans!  I hope you get to enjoy it!

After biking back, Maya and I stopped for ice cream, well gelato this time.  There's lots of little shops around town.  We got chocolate dipped waffle cones too.  Super good.  We also had some duck friends that thought we might share like the duck last week at the market wanting our stroopwafels, which is case you forgot, tomorrow is Wednesday, meaning a trip to the market during lunch!