Today Maya and I went to the grocery store and when there, I bought this: hazelnoot pasta aka generic nutella, but just as delicious.  Unfortunately there are no graham crackers here, or if so I have yet to find them.  Nonetheless, I can do without.  I've been thinking that I should weigh my suitcases and determine just how many jars I can bring back with me (because it is the cheapest I have ever found nutella) - they have multiple generic kinds here for goodness sake!  They have some stuff too that's mixed with vanilla 'paste' and it's kind of like when you buy the peanut butter and jelly in the same jar but I don't think I want to try that.

When I showed my mom and sister this on Skype today, they thought it was nutella for your pasta... Pasta = paste people.  With a response of enlightenment, "Ohhhhhhhh".  Light bulb! :)
Otherwise, today I've just been working on a few things and then for dinner Maya and I made a meal together.  It was really nice as it can be difficult to only make meals for only one person.  It's fun to have another housemate that speaks English too!