I've gotten a gallery of pictures on the photos page from Belgium trip this past weekend - all the photo credits go to Mattia and Matteo for having working cameras with them!  

Monday and Tuesday have just been a whirlwind of events.  Yesterday we brought all the of UNAWE materials from storage into George's office so they can be gone through.  It has become quite a daunting task as there is a lot - a lot.  We also 'tried' playing the board game again but now have more revisions and work to do with that.

I am incredibly torn at the moment of the IAF internship.  I have to let them know by today so we'll see how that goes. : /

Tonight (Wednesday), a group of us are going to the Hague to see the final Harry Potter movie.  If you know me, you know that I am more so a Harry Potter hater than fan, though it comes out here two days before the States so I guess I am just seeing it out of the ability to do so.  ..and because beforehand we're going out to eat at an Italian restaurant that has been continuously raved about.  Last night we watched the most recent movie, part 1 of the seventh.  I wasn't really fully getting all of it, but I'm sure it will be fun tonight and to see how excited people are about it!