Happy Father's Day!

My dad rocks.  He likes rocks too and he's building/creating a rock garden.  A little odd maybe, but that is why I love him.  At least my dad never did this or I never agreed to this, but I would still love him too.
Make sure to take the time today to tell your dad 'Happy Father's Day'.
I know that I've been super lucky to have a family that supports me so much, even when some of my great ideas are out of this world - literally. :)

(I'm posting the above a little bit early, as Father's Day is actually tomorrow but why not make it a weekend to celebrate?!)
Today, as Saturday, it was market day.  You would be very proud to know that I did not get a stroop!  Instead I went to Bagels and Beans and got some work done and some much needed laundry.  A pretty plain Saturday, but very much needed.  It has been crummy weather too - very windy and rainy so I am not missing much at the moment!