Today, instead of heading to the Uni to work, Pedro, Wouter, Sarah, Frederiek and I headed to the Hague to visit a children's science museum to discuss prospective programs and activities to do in collaboration with UNAWE in the Netherlands.  Besides going there for such a meeting, we also got a personal tour of some of the exhibits and then got basically a VIP pass to 'behind the scenes' = practically all of their archived items.  It was SO COOL!  They had different warehouse-type rooms depending on the type of item.  There was so much stuff I can't even list all of the things we saw.  Many many head dresses, canoes, pottery and other goods from Inuits.  Multiple types of swords, lots of tables and other items of beautiful wood carvings.  Even full Samurai body gear (about 200 years old), complete with a mustache on the outside of the helmet.
In the biology room there were so many different taxidermied animals.  Baby zebra, baby giraffe, alligator, crocodile (over 5 meters long!), eagles, camels ...pretty much you name it and it was there - even an okapi!  They had closets full of monkeys too.  There were a few 'upright' ones too - some that looked really creepy as you can interpret to our human evolution.  I would not want to be walking through that area at night in the dark!
There were also other animal parts and skeletal structures like a mammoth femur bone, and human skeletons - that consisted of numerous people (very strange).  Apparently they have 80,000 bugs too.

We also saw lots and lots of cameras (from the whole history of taking pictures), typewriters, computers, and other mechanical items and mechanisms.  There was also a document signed by Marie Curie herself about the dosage of Radium!

Thank you to Frederiek for taking all the photos!

An alligator among other taxidermied animals.


Some creepy masks/heads that were about 2 1/2 feet tall each.

Celestial globes.

A real skeleton... consisting of parts of multiple people. (the one next to it was missing a head - any volunteers?)

An Inuit head dress.  I learned that each feather symbolizes a man the hat wearer killed.

LOTS of bugs.

Lots of different types of antlers.

It was super fun and cool to get such a behind-the-scenes opportunity.

Maya moved housing so she is have a 'housewarming' potluck tonight, and being 4th of July, we are going to celebrate that too!  Pedro and I picked up some sparklers and other similar goodies on the way back from the Hague.  When I talked to Marissa, she will be bringing a flag cake which I am very excited about because I wanted to make one but didn't know how (more where) to make a cake.  The house where I am living has a 'combi' (not a real oven, just a Dutch thing).  Super stoked!

Also, only 4 days until the 'last' shuttle launch and Steve, Amber and Kim from the Microgravity Team will be going.  I am so jealous but being in Europe, it is much to costly for me to have the chance to go.  I will be watching it live though!  I will keep you posted on their adventures in Florida too of course.