I'm starting to work on my Dutch, well Nederlands.  With some advice, I'm aiming for two words a day because even though most do speak English, I would still like to learn.

I know that my parents and sister especially will not be very happy to read this, but I already love the city.  I hope that sometime in the future I will have another opportunity to return, as I don't think that two months is going to cut it for me.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been so kind and welcoming - also very helpful.  I haven't been turned away once or looked at as being rude or as taking up someone's time when I have been directionally challenged oh so many times.  I am definitely getting better though!  I am not afraid of getting lost because the city is not that large, but more so I like to know what I am doing or where I am going.  

Today other than working I decided to venture out in the other direction to the "center".  I found a street that has 2 km of shopping.  Guess I know where I'm going to be tomorrow and Sunday!!  Before I left, Mr. Crul showed me on my map where I should go... well, he just sort of told me that my map was bad and that I could definitely find a better one, and then just told me where to go.  It was a nice walk too as the weather is just comfortable today, but still a little windy at times.


 - notice the man on the bench is wearing wooden clogs! Yeah Dutch! -

Tomorrow I am venturing to the market!