So last night dinner at the African restaurant was really good.  It was definitely different than anything I've had.  They also don't give utensils and you use your fingers to eat.

Today was the astronomy department BBQ and futbol tournament.  There were ten teams in total and we played 10 minute games of 4 v. 4.  It was fun, but definitely very tiring.  It was a beautiful day too.  We ended up winning one out of four games and got our butts handed to us by the faculty team.  For those of you in physics and chem at Carthage, it was like Eckert hitting the triple at softball with a burger in his mouth.  Nonetheless it was a ton of fun.  Our team was the Spaceballs and other teams had great names like Let's Kick Uranus - science people are so funny. 

(we were the only team that had shirts too - thanks marissa for lending them to us!)

After the game we all went home to clean up (it was so hot outside this afternoon) and then headed back to the BBQ.  You could choose all different kinds of meat and kabobs and then you cooked it yourself on various grills throughout the yard.  There were some salads and breads and of course a huge vat of 'peanut sauce'.  It's seriously haunting me.  After, they had a table where they were making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.  Super delish.  As we take a long time to eat here, it was about 9pm so I went home and am going to head out soon to hang out with Maya, Ruben (a friend of hers who's visiting), Fabian (from the kayak club) and others.

Check out some wooden shoes I found too - I think they suit me well!

Here's a picture of the room where Tiffany got to sign the wall that I talked about earlier.

 The other day on my way to the kayak club, across the canal there is a field of sheep.  It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but I also spotted this seemingly endless clothesline of jeans... how many farmers do you think there are???
I also biked a long way home and literally had to wait for a chicken (two of them) to cross the road....  Only in the Netherlands?