This last weekend went by very quickly!  Friday, as we were all still at work fairly late, a few of us went to the corner restaurant for a break.  Very oddly, three girls came up to us dressed in lab coats with printouts of rabbit anatomy.  Oddly enough, Philippe and Juliane each gave them a euro in exchange for these papers.  Since they were talking in French, I was completely confused watching this exchange.  After they left, I had to ask what just happened.  Turns out, they're joining a veteranary society and need to do some silly tasks for it - explaining the rabbit information and their outfit.  After work we had a nice evening enjoying the weather.
Saturday the weather was ridiculously hot but we went shopping to an outdoor mall and then an outlet mall.  Even though I didn't get anything it was so nice to just be inside of a mall - therapy shopping is a real thing.

Sunday we had brunch together and I learned that (*cough*) everyone in France doesn't know what French toast is...  Anyhow, I decided that I will need to make this for them next weekend.  Afterwards we went to the cinema to see One Day which was nice considering it was pouring (compared to yesterday's hot weather and me forgetting my umbrella).

In the evening I met with the girl who's apartment I will be moving to on Wednesday.  It is super cute and in the 4th district of Paris.  I'm very excited though I will not be looking forward to packing and moving my 50+ pound suitcase!