The Paris Plage (Paris Beach) is a summer event held along the Seine River of 1km worth of a 'beach', complete with lounge chairs.  It's free and there's lots of events like volleyball courts, music events, etc.  Disneyland Paris constructed two sand sculptures.  They were really cool, and huge.

I put this picture in so you can see just how tall they are!

I also saw some guys playing ukuleles.  I miss mine!

Philippe seems to think that I need to bring him his coffee every morning.  He thinks he's pretty smart, but he just likes to crack jokes (ALL of the time) and unfortunately for me, I tend to be very gullible.

He also let me press send the other day on a mass e-mail that was going out to over 20,000 people.  He said it was to blame me if there were any errors - because I then technically 'sent' it...

Today Juliane taught me how to send out press releases - that go out to hundreds upon hundreds of people.  First, she led me through all the steps in the programs on the computer (mostly because she couldn't just tell me because my computer is in French and my French reading skills only go so far).  One of the steps is to unplug the computer from the internet, so if there are any problems, typos, etc noticed last minute, they won't all be sent and can be deleted.  Oh my gosh, Juliane had answered the phone while I was in this 'archiving' step before being sent, and I was having an absolute melt down inside because I knew that we had sent a not as recent version because it was the one before I had formated it.  All I could think about in my head was what was I going to say after she got off the phone???  I knew I was going to own up to my mistake, but how would it be taken?!  I have been able to complete every other task without delay or problem, but sending out a simple two-page press release had turned out much more stressful than ever anticipated.  

Finally she got off the phone and I told her it was the wrong one.  She said, 'I know, we didn't send it yet; it's not plugged back to the internet.'  I just about died of relief!  Then I got it all right and immediately deleted the older one.