Yesterday was Wednesday... the workday went by super fast.  In the evening, we were invited to join in a BBQ through the ISN (International Student Network).  It was really fun.  There's this place in Leiden called Einsteins where during the school year, every Wednesday is ISN night, and last night was the last of the year.  Anyhow, at the BBQ, we were sitting eating (delicious) food and it was great to say that I was recognizing faces.  - I'm totally loving Leiden -  Everyone is super friendly here so it was great to meet new people too.  One guy I hadn't met had come by our table and asked someone (of course someone he knew) if they had heard what someone (don't remember) on TV had said about NASA.  I was preparing myself, thinking it was going to be some sort of comedy about why in the world we need a space program.  It turns out, Nico, is awesome, and thinks NASA is awesome too.  In fact, he was a rocket scientist.  At NASA.  Oh, and did I mention that he was also a co-op student at Johnson Space Center?  AND that he gave a tour to the one and only, Armstrong?  No big deal or anything.  Just trying to hide my jealously and excitement all at the same time.  Needless to say, we spent quite a bit of time talking about NASA.  (and Boondoggles! :) )  It was awesome.  I think it was totally ok too and I don't think he thought I was completely crazy either because it seemed we both understood the fun in attending rocket competitions or memorizing all of the names of the astronauts on each mission.  He's also flown on the Zero-G aircraft 4 times and studied at Purdue.  Oh the list goes on!  I guess if you know me, you can imagine my excitement as I tried to contain myself and not totally talk on and on .... and on!  If I wrote about everything, this would be a book too so I'll just stop there. :)