Today was adventurous to say the least!  Today was my first day of working and Pedro was very helpful in sending me directions from where I am living to the building I will be working in.  It was about a 2.7 km walk and was supposed to take about a half hour.  I thought I'd leave 45 minutes early so I had 15 minutes to spare of getting lost; some streets just don't have signs in Europe...  Anyways, it ended up taking me a mere hour to get there.  woops!  Fortunately there was an older man leaving his boat house for the morning.  I stopped to ask if he could help me with my written directions.  Me being a 'genius', I went through Google street view on my route the night before to look for building/sign indicators, but somehow still managed to end up where I was.  The man was very kind and got a map out of his car politely pointing out I had walked nearly a mile the wrong way.  As I thanked him and turned around, he suggested that I should look into purchasing a map.  I'll definitely consider that.

Before leaving in the morning, my mom and sister woke up at 1am their time to skype a hello to me which was fun, though I couldn't talk for long because I still had to pack for tonight's trip because of course I hadn't finished that yet.

Today we mostly discussed about what the expectations are, work time, and learning more about the objectives and goals of the program Universe Awareness.  I am really excited for this summer and what I can take back from it.

For lunch, I ate at the cafeteria in the building with Frederick which was very nice and I learned about how she became involved with the program.  Pedro had other things to do in the afternoon so Frederick drove us to Brussels, Belgium where I am now.  On the way here, we saw many cows and let me tell you, they do not smell the same as American cows - pew!!!  We are spending the night because tomorrow Universe Awareness is receiving a 1.9 million euro grant from the European Parliament and there is a conference/talk that I have been fortunate to attend.  We are staying at the White Hotel, and it is white.  (I'm so funny, but seriously)  It's very trendy and European.  Below is a picture of the view from my balcony, very nice.

As we drove through the city to get here, we got a little lost and I learned how unlike the Netherlands, everyone here speaks French and zero English and not even enough to get directions.  Since this is the case and I can speak English and Spanish very well, I am going to take a quick online French course and then venture out for dinner at the place the man at the desk recommended.

Tomorrow, I do not need to be at Parliament until noon, so I just finished routing out my walking trip to include waffles and chocolate, great choice if I do say so myself.  I also took a map from the front desk and drew lines of where I need to go - hopefully someone will be able to help me if I get lost then!
(I forgot my cord to plug in my camera so pictures will have to wait until I get back to Leiden.)

Okay... so more to add on today... went to find the restaurant, but I didn't think I could handle the menu and be sure of what I was getting by myself so I found a market and bought food, much cheaper and probably much safer.