Today we've been working on preparing for the launch of the new UNAWE website - THIS Friday!  There's still much to be done but I think it will be a lot more user friendly.  

Since it was Wednesday, Maya and I went to the market to get stroopwafels.  We got back just in time because it started raining (again).  We decided not to go kayaking tonight because of the weather.  It's also been very windy.

After work we went to the super market, and Marissa helped us find speculoos - only a few jars left.  We couldn't find it before.  I'm assuming this is a good thing because every has said it's either 'really good' or addictive.  It's basically like peanut butter consistency and color, but it's mashed up speculoos cookies, which kind of taste a bit like gingerbread cookies.  It's delicious.  A new thing to add to the list: nutella, stroopwafels, and speculoos.  This spells out disaster!

Nothing else really happened today, but I suggest that you check out this video.  It's a documentary (I know a little long), but truly inspirational and gives some background to UNAWE.