FOR THE RECORD: I have one suitcase with me - yep, I did it - packed my 2 1/2 months of life into one bag. (well, plus a carry-on) but still.  This is typically not possible for me.

During my flight I sat next to a girl from Germany who is studying law.  She was very nice and also ended up needing to take the same train I needed and was very nice to let me tag along until I got to my stop.  She gave me a few pointers about the city too.  She studied here for the last year and her mother also lives here.

Fortunately after getting off the train, I found Ms. McCarty without a problem - well, fortunately she spotted me as the unfortunate girl with heavy luggage.  We then walked to my new home for the next weeks.  I am renting a room from a couple that has a 1 1/2 year old and I hear he's a cute little kid.  They are currently on vacation in Asia so I will have the apartment to myself for a while.  Since they're gone, Ms. McCarty is helping me get settled, but I look forward to meeting them.
With my one suitcase, instead of hauling my it up to the 4th floor (technically 3rd if you're in Europe because the ground floor is 0), this time I had to haul it up to the 6th floor! (5th European!)

I'm wiped too so I spent my day unpacking my suitcase and sleeping.  Pretty lame, but much needed.  The home I am staying in is very nice, and it's got a nice view too looking over a park.

The view out my window.

Tomorrow will be an adventure getting to work - let's see how long it takes me! (it's supposed to be about 35 minutes, but we know my direction skills and I have to take a train this time...)
  Ms. McCarty told me which stations I need and where to transfer... let's just hope I get on the right one!