So for dessert or a treat, they also have this stuff called 'vla' which is like Mexican flan, but without the 'n' in pronunciation.  They say it is like flan too, but it is not.  It is like liquid yogurt, or pudding.  It is good, but just funny when the first time I had it they told me it was like "flan"... It comes in all sorts of flavors too, vanilla, chocolate, and many fruits.

Yesterday we did a 'test run' of the board game by playing of course!  I think that there is some great progress going with the game and that it will end up very fun.  Next week we have a graphic designer visiting who we will get to sit down with to share our ideas, etc.  One thing that we did learn from the game is that maybe it is too hard when English is a second language for some... Pedro definitely can't rhyme just about anything with "light".  It was quite comical.  

For lunch, we went to the (unfortunately) last "Discover" lunch talk/seminar where lunch is provided for free when you attend the talk... we are college students!  They won't start again until September.

In the evening, I went for a run and decided to venture around a little.  There were a few times that I ended up at a dead end or circling a block and I'm pretty sure some people I passed sitting outside at caf├ęs recognized that I had already gone by twice... Oh well - I ended up finding some cool buildings and a few locations I've heard about around town but didn't know where they were.

I can also (sort of) successfully say "how are you?" in Dutch.  I can't respond yet though!  It's a work in progress.  :)