Yesterday we had a picnic in the park for Mattia and another's birthday.  It was super fun and we played frisbee and all of the food people brought was delicious!  I also ended up seeing a lot of familiar faces from the University buildings which was really nice.
(left to right - Marissa, Mattia, me, and Karen)

Today, Monday, was a public holiday (again) so we technically didn't have to work, but Maya has an ultimate frisbee tournament this coming weekend and I would like to have a long weekend to hopefully visit a friend in Budapest, so we decided to work!  We decided to go to a cafĂ© to and we ended up at a small chain called Bagels and Beans.  It was sooo good - we will definitely be going back there.  Ironically, Pedro also was there as well as another student we've met.  We are finishing up the design and development of the board game for kids to learn about light.  It's looking really cool and we're going to play it tomorrow with Pedro, Wouter and Frederick.  Maya did a really cool job on the board and I will be sure to post more information on that later.

For something to do, I found out a while ago that the University has a student kayak and canoe club so I e-mailed to check it out.  On Mondays they have a get together and paddle, practice, etc and then have a group dinner.  It was about a 20 minute bike ride and we had an interesting time figuring out how to get there after asking for help three times.  Fabian and Justin guided us in the canals and we went about 5 km.  It was super fun and the whole group was so nice.  Some of the other students attempted to help us with some Dutch words and pronunciations.  For example, cooking is koken, and kitchen is keuken.  The only difference in the pronunciation is the 'oo' or 'eu' sound.  It's ridiculous.  We tried for about 10 minutes just on that.  It's like my problem of being from Minnesota and not being able to say 'bag and 'beg'.  I could hear the difference but it is very difficult to actually say it!  A fun time nevertheless.  I'm excited to continue kayaking here as it will definitely be a fun activity to do in my free time here!
They also play kayak-polo, which is like water polo, but in kayaks.  There is supposed to be a game on Wednesday so we might go check it out too.

(left to right: (back) Fabian, Oskar, Justin (front) me, Maya)