At lunch today, when I went to pay, the lady told me that I didn't give her the right money.  I was utterly confused until I was explained that it wasn't a euro but a franc - which they don't use anymore.  I had to have gotten it as change sometime and just didn't notice, until now at least.

We were getting coffee after lunch and when we got in the elevator, we didn't press the button in time and ended up stopping at a few other floors of where the other people in the elevator were heading.

Thanks to, what I think was, Margarie's shmoozing, we were able to meander down a hallway.  We ended up running into another guy she knew and he let us into the translators booth that overlooks the conference room for the ESA headquarters.  It was super huge! 

There was no one in the meeting at the moment, but apparently it was a meeting on security.  There were nameplates from countries all over Europe.

Yesterday I walked home too and it was between 4 1/2 and 5 kilometers and took me a little over an hour.  I was very excited because I never got lost!  I passed a lot of really cute shops too.