I think I've been judged - getting free coffee from the Cell Laboratory.  I went to get coffee for Maya and I and being that I just got coffee and left, I think some of the people sitting there have figured out my motives.  As much as I'm ashamed, my ultimate response is - I'm a college student!  Fortunately, on my walk back to my office, there was a guy walking in the same direction and kindly opened all the doors for me since they were 'pull' and not 'push'.
After lunch today, we heard from some of our friends that there is also a free coffee machine on the third floor.  Since it's a shorter walk, we decided to check it out.  OH MY GOSH!  It's glorious!  The machine on the third floor is definitely the place to be.  They also have juice machines, and this coffee machine makes a macchiato.  For FREE!  I guess people don't really go down there because it's not their department and then it probably wouldn't be free, but it's the physics floor, so I feel welcome! :)  At lunch, I couldn't resist either and bought a stroop.  With my coffee at hand, I decided to eat it like the Dutch - warming the gooey center with the heat from my coffee by letting the stroop sit atop my cup for a few minutes.  That was the right decision to do - so good.

Today I called Professor Crosby (since I have found a method of calling to the US for free) and decided to just bug him with my grand ideas as I usually have done throughout the last school year.  (I haven't been able to just pop in like I usually did being so many miles - and across the ocean - away!)  I did have a reason for calling though, but of course got off track.  Fortunately I don't think he minded other than me putting him late to a meeting.  I'm really excited about implementing an UNAWE program in the US.  I'm working on a grant that will hopefully fund a pilot program to have a traveling tour of an astronomy 'sort-of-classroom'.  I'll be sure to post more information about that too.

We finished out the work day well with FREE cookies in the lounge!  Don't worry, these were left out for taking. :)

Tonight, we're going to get a pannenkoeken.  So excited because they're so delicious!  There's a graphic designer visiting from India so we're all going out to eat.  

Yesterday I had gotten a new jar of nutella, well a generic brand.  The first generic brand I got was just as good as the original.  Unfortunately, this one just tastes like frosting and was very, very disappointing.  Apparently not all generic brands are equal.  It has at least slowed down my consumption rate.  Next time I'll be going back to official nutella - they have my loyalty.