This last week has been just as crazy as the first.  Besides having the flat tire, it was very adventurous.

For our weekly meeting, we toured the NAS (NASA Advanced Supercomputing) Division.

I thought that I'd get to talk to Charlie Bolden again but instead only got to sit behind him.  I know that Eric and Megan think that I'm a bit crazy, but hey I'm a NASA fan and was determined.  Eric had lots of fun pretending he was going to be the speaker.


Nonetheless, it was a good talk about the FY 2013 budget and I had the chance to talk to one of the NASA HQ people I met in Cape Town last October.  Hopefully I will get to see them again come May in DC.

On Friday we went to BJ's Brewhouse which was delicious.  I had first been to this restaurant in Houston and loved it so when we drove past one the week before I was determined to go there sometime soon!  Afterwards, some of us played Farkle and Phase 10 but Eric decided to go to bed and stay in his room for 12+ hours.  Pranks have begun in the office so I felt it was our duty to seal up his door for him since he wasn't planning on coming out for a while.


Saturday we went for a long walk in the morning and then went to a place called Philz Coffee, which was quite tasty, and then University Avenue (a main street in downtown Palo Alto).  We also ventured to the new Facebook HQ.  After we went out for Mexican food - it's so good in Cali.

Megan and I wearing the SF baseball beards at a Giants store on University
Sunday Megan and I went to the church service on the base and were 2 of about a total congregation of 10.  Afterwards we ventured to the San Jose flea market, which was quite an adventure to say the least.

I finally got some stroopwafels from the Netherlands too!!!  One of the other interns is from Amsterdam and his dad came to visit and I asked him if I could buy a package of them from him.  SOO good!

Megan, Rolly and I had some fun outside of our building too.