In honor of the last shuttle launch, I have three NASA shirts with me and am wearing one today, tomorrow, and July 8, the planned date for the launch.  Check out the article Carthage has on some of my friends who are traveling to Kennedy to watch the launch (and work on some follow up from our Microgravity project).  Super jealous - I can't wait to hear about all of it from Kim, Amber and Steve!  I unfortunately cannot attend because I am in Leiden but will surely be watching it live online!  I'll be sure to fill you in on their pictures and adventures too.  We all know that Steve will have a hard time taking pictures of anything but the shuttle... Saturn V anyone? (Sorry, inside joke from the Micro Team, but he came back with maybe 2 pictures that included people -- you can tell he is the only male on the team...).

Here is a cool video from a contest for the 50th anniversary of the most recent Yuri's Night celebrations from April.  It's pretty cool (and short so you can take the time to watch the whole thing!)  I also posted it on my 'stuff for you' page here.

Tonight I am going kayaking and then (maybe) eating some sushi.  We'll see.

Pedro left for Russia today so just working on stuff at the office otherwise.  Today we went to the market and missed the rain while enjoying lunch and a stroopwafel inside.  This weekend I am going to different cities in Belgium with other students for the weekend which will be a fun adventure so I'm working on getting some stuff done before that.