It is sooooooo incredibly windy here today!  It's never been like this I don't think in Kenosha or Chicago.  I almost got blown over on my bike today and as soon as I was in front of a canal instead of a building, myself and two other bikers near me just about came to a standstill because going against the wind was so difficult.  I was contemplating getting off my bike and just walking!

Today and tomorrow Pedro is not going to be in his office so I was free to work from home or a cafe or of course go to the university.  I decided to get up this morning and get groceries first.  Pedro also sent me some locations of grocery stores with a map.  I think everyone I've shown my hand drawn maps too thinks I'm crazy.  I actually got there without a problem today, of course I never had to turn off the road I am living on either.  It was a very nice store and one of the best things about it was that they have SO MUCH NUTELLA!  YES!  It's like it was meant to be!  They also have generic kinds.  I am thinking about trying a generic one next time because they were about a fourth the price and that equates to a lot of nutella goodness.  I had a hard time figuring out how to pay too.  In every lane you check yourself out, but after you scan an item, you put in on a little belt, and it goes through almost a security-like scan.  I couldn't figure out to pay but there was a "Hulp" button and thankfully a nice lady helped me.  (good thing for cognitive words too...)  I also decided to get a lasagna because I figured I could just put that in the oven without a problem.  Well, I biked home, went to the kitchen and then it hit me, I can't read Dutch and their ovens are not exactly the same as ours.  Why didn't I just get the noodles?  Everyone can boil a pot of water, right?!  Fortunately there are a limited amount of buttons on the oven and I was able to get it all set.  It turned out pretty good.  I also bought some chocolate chip muffins... maybe a bad choice because I only have one left that I thought I better save for breakfast tomorrow. :)

Otherwise I've just been working on the website and reading all of the articles.  It has been raining for the rest of the day too so I have no desire to venture outside again for today. Yuck!  Stop sending the icky weather over here!