"It sounds like the aliens in District 9 speaking German."  That is apparently what someone, to remain unnamed, thinks that Dutch sounds like.

I have a bit of a beef too - there are two things that have frustrated me and impeded slightly on my ability to be organized in the office.  1 - hole punches.  We have three-hole punches but here they have no such thing, they have two-hole punches.  So odd.  I saw the hole punch on the desk in George's office and was trying to figure out what it was and then realized it the other day when I was given some papers that had two holes in them.  2 - the tops of my papers were getting ruined!  All of the printer paper here is taller than ours so it sticks out of my folder and started to get ruined on the top edge being in my backpack.  Pedro gave me some folders though, so my papers are now safe.

Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrรถdinger, Enrico Fermi, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Max Planck... the list goes on.  These are all scientists that have marked their presence and signed a wall that is in the building I work in.  The signatures are of those that have given colloquia at the University.  How cool!  I'll be sure to post a pic later but my camera died for the time being.

They caught me too - they understand just how much I appreciate and love good dessert food - like stroopwafels.  Sarah had pointed out how almost all of my blog entries contain something about stroopwafels.  I really have no explanation. haha

Today has been a little bit of a drag at work.  We met at 10:30, which we all arrived a little late I think.  I forgot my computer charger, and then I forgot my lunch so I had to bike pretty much all the way back.  Barely anyone was around today because today and tomorrow are national holidays.  We worked more on the production of the new website and determining its organization because it should be useful and easy more than anything.  The old site is a bit of a mess and is hard to navigate.  Then in the afternoon we began working on designing the board game for children.  The topic is about light.  Here is a picture of our work and Pedro's guide to brainstorming which was fun.  We of course were watching the first episode of "Sheldon, Sarah and Stephanie's Space Science Show" while working! :)

After work we met for pancakes - well, Dutch pancakes, which is the pannekoeken.  We ate at a restaurant called Pannekoekenhuysje.  We split a bacon and cheese one and a banana and powdered sugar one.  They were gigantic!  The table knife was just about the radius!  Very delicious though!


I am very tired today so I'm off to bed a little earlier than usual!  Hasta pronto!