The other day we were walking to lunch and there is some small construction going on outside of a building we pass.  Ironically, a construction worker was using his hammer to nail back in a woman-passerby's shoe.  It was quite an interesting site.  I don't think this happens too often!

I think we can all tell that the Congress is fast approaching and that everyone seems to be losing it a little in the office.  Sometimes the loss of thought, per-say, causes a few good laughs.  I am equally getting very excited about the congress.

Who knew walking to lunch could be such an adventure either?  All around this area are 'high security' locations, including ESA, UNESCO, and various Embassies.  With that, it is very common at times to see different police outside because a special guest is visiting, etc.  Today though, it seemed as if the whole Paris riot police was out.  Turns out there was some sort of demonstration going on about the resignment of a President of some country.  Being that I don't speak French, I'm not sure of all the details.

Last night I had to lug my suitcase to my new place and it was quite a task.  I still have more stuff to pick up but I could only carry so much through the metro.  Needless to say, my arms are very sore today.  Fortunately though, I'm on the 3rd (4th in America) floor instead of the 5th (6th in America).  This is a huge relief because climbing up that many spiral stairs every day can get daunting - especially when I have heavy items with me.  I will miss the family that I have been staying with, as they have been very kind and Nathaniel is pretty funny, but because I came to Paris on short-notice, it has been difficult to find housing I can stay in for the whole time I'm here, as they have a student coming to stay for the year now.  My new place is super cute though and it's very very quiet for being in the middle of Paris!