I forgot to remind you all about the asteroid that came closer to the surface of the Earth than our gps satellites.  This guy did some pretty cool simulations too - highly recommend checking them out.

Sorry again for my delay!

Tuesday was supposed to be full of thunder and lightning storms but instead it was wretched hot.  It seemed almost impossible to get out of the heat too.  Tiffany was having her masters thesis defense (which isn't a guest event) so we waiting outside of the room to hear the verdict.  It was in the same building that Isa's PhD defense was held in.  Super cool!  After she had her defense, we were all invited in the room to hear the verdict that she passed!  This was then followed by going to another room in the building where all the students of upper studies in the science departments at the Uni, upon completion, get to sign the wall.  Signatures also include guests like Nelson Mandela and the royal family.  It was pretty cool.  I forgot my camera today but will upload pictures later.  After, the group headed just down the street to a restaurant to celebrate... or so Tiffany thought!

Before all this happened (beginning at 5), at 3:45, thanks to Marissa's planning, we divided and conquered.  Myself, Sebastian and Karen headed to HEMA (a store) to get decorations and others went to get food.  After a bit of a bike accident (not me and don't worry no one was hurt - just the bike!), and dying of head (it was probably over 90 but I never looked), we went to the ISN lounge room, which was across the street from the restaurant we were 'going' to.  In just 20 minutes, our whole team decorated the room in great party style.

After Tiffany's defense, she was tricked into stopping in the ISN lounge for a 'present that was too large to carry'.  SURPRISE!  

Congrats Tiffany!
I think it went really well and we all had a great evening celebrating Tiffany's completion of her masters studies.  After, we went to Marissa and Tiffany's apartment and ordered pizza and hung out.  About 10:30pm it finally decided to rain and the lighting and everything was very intense.  Thanks to the handy radar website, we snuck home out of the rain with about 20 minutes to spare before the next downpour.

 Yesterday was a usual work day.  In the evening, I went to LEVITAS for kayaking.  Instead of the usual calm, relaxing, trip up and down the canal, I got roped into trying canoe-polo.  It is what it sounds like!  I was really nervous to play because I sometimes have a bit of trouble not being too competitive and I was one of three girls.  Fortunately, it was the first time for the majority to play.  As soon as I got to the club house, Oskar got me a kayak (which is shorter and kind of like bumper-boat kayak style), skirt, a vest, helmet (like for hockey), and a paddle.  And we're off!

We started with some drills and I did ok.  Then we played a little bit of a game of 5 v. 5.  Guess what? I SCORED!  I ended up having a ton of fun and I never flipped once, though there were 10+ falls of the evening.  After we had dinner with the group and then I headed home for the evening.  It was very tiring!