It is interesting to read statements of professionals in past years looking into future endeavors of space technologies.  Some things that have been developed weren't even imagined before and others I'm sure would never be believed to be possible.  One distinguished person had made a statement to the effect of 'science fiction'.  (I was reading this while doing some work on the history of the IAF)

In other news, I'm calling him the "Tai Chi Man".  Every morning, and I mean every morning, he's there.  In the park outside of the building I live in, this guy is out there every single morning doing tai chi.  I feel like I should follow him and get myself a free morning workout!

On Friday for lunch we went to a Korean restaurant, which was great - about 10 minutes after we sat down there were lots of people waiting outline.  They had really good potsticker-type appetizers but called them 'ravioli' on the menu.  They were super good and I couldn't eaten them as a meal.

The French fĂștbol federation headquarters I also learned is just around the corner.  Among that, one thing I have learned about Paris is that the 'main attractions', whether deemed tourist or just important, are not all concentrated in one area of the city but, quite literally, all over.

Minus the fact that I got 'click-happy' on my French computer and didn't save the excel sheet I had been working on all day, Friday was very nice!  Monday is a public holiday so I don't work and on Sunday the family of who's home I am living in is returning from vacation in Asia (yes, I have not met them yet - ironically).